Thursday, August 16, 2012

Camping in Adam's County with the Millers (May 2012)

We could not move from Ohio without one more camping trip with our favorite people. Tabby's brother-in-law's family has land in Adam's county so we decided to take advantage and go camping there. On the way we stopped at the Amish Country and toured around for a bit. We saw this sign and had to take a picture by it.

We met Tabby's Brother and wife there and also her sister and her family. It was really fun having everyone there. Our camp site was right by this river and it was so hot that we pretty much stayed there two days in a row.

I don't remember why he was mad at me but he has a really good sad face

Well, the dinner that we were in charge of finally finished around 9:00 that night. I did not bring enough briquettes. I couldn't believe I did that. Good thing we had great company and lots of snacks to kill the time

Camping and Cobbler. It does not get any better 

I can't say it enough. I love these guys

I took this picture at night. I couldn't believe how clear it showed up

The girls brought these war planes for my boys as a going away gift for each of them. They LOVED them and took them everywhere we went

Our camp site

Some cute pictures of my boys

Lennix with his best friend. It's sad they can't just move with us wherever we go!!

We had just woke up

The slack line and the Millers go hand in hand

It was so beautiful

Jay doing some morning fishing in his PJ's

Always willing to give me smooches

Jensen caught so many fun things at the river

Another fun day at the river

Makes me wonder what they are planning together :)

He just can't seem to keep his swim trunks on

More frogs!

This snake came swimming right up to us so he could eat his lunch. We couldn't believe it!